Get in Touch With Our Precious Metals Specialists


We make it easy to BUY precious metal from us. At Williams Gold & Silver, every transaction is unique. We are experts at negotiating trades on your behalf to secure the exact items you are seeking at the best possible price. Call our office today to buy precious metals. David Williams, the Owner of Williams Gold & Silver, would love to speak with you.


We make it easy to swap your precious metals too. First, you’ll sell us your metals, then you’ll identify the specific items you’d like to swap (coins, bars, gold grain, or any combination of these items). You may also combine a bullion swap with a check payment (or wire transfer) for the total value of the metal you sell to us.

How to Work with Us

Step 1: APPLY

Complete the WGS Application Form and FAX directly to 702-485-1973. We will call you to confirm a few pieces of information and complete the application process. Once you are approved, you are set up for all future transactions and may skip this application step.


Print a WGS Packing Slip and complete the information required (including weight and content details). Be sure to include all requested information, including your name and contact information.


Call our offices to obtain your RSW Number, and then note this number on the WGS Packing Slip form. This number helps us track your incoming package and accurately document its arrival and contents.

Step 4: PACK & SHIP

Pack up your precious metals and send to Williams Gold & Silver via your choice of a reputable, overnight delivery service, such as USPS, FedEx or UPS. Be sure to include the WGS Packing Slip in your package. Please retain a copy for your records. If we provide you with a shipping label (ask about free shipping), your precious metals will be delivered via USPS.


Once your package arrives at Williams Gold & Silver, we will open the package, document the contents, weigh all materials, then contact you (via phone or email) to determine the type of assay process you prefer and any other necessary information.

Step 6: MELT & ASSAY

Williams Gold & Silver will then melt and sample your precious metals. For all XRF Assays, settlements are completed same day (via check, wire transfer or ACH). The Fire Assay process takes 3-5 business days to complete. Settlements will be processed (via check, wire transfer or ACH) after completion.


Payment received. We look forward to doing business with you again!


Williams Gold & Silver retains every metal sample for 10 days after the settlement date. This is an extra step that ensures any discrepancy will be handled quickly, honestly and fairly. We stand behind our work and the accuracy of our valuation process.